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@jsomethingmusic chats to @verushka143

A few weeks ago the gorgeous J from the much loved Micasa arrived on our screens in the form of a cooking show with a touch of Mzansi.The show called Somethings cooking is a show with a difference.The feedback on the different social media platforms shows how well received the show has been.The show is vibrant and interesting.I got to chat to J about his new venture and this is what he had to say…
Verushka: What motivated you to start the cooking show?
J Something: The people that support me and my team Mi Casa to be honest. I posted 2 years ago on social media a plate i had cooked and everyone started saying i should do a cookbook and a tv show and honestly one thing led to another. Now here i am … wow so blessed!
Verushka: Having watched your show , I love the fusion dishes you cook pulling inspiration from different cultures.Which dish is your favourite to cook and why?
J Something: The first dish i made is one i really love to make, the umngqusho ft. feijoada … that speaks a lot about me.
Verushka: Most of us learn to cook from our mum’s and grandmothers.Is this the case for you? And what is your fondest cooking memory?
J Something: mmmm … i would say i learnt a lot about the love that has to go into food from my mom. she taught me a lot about that. but physically cooking i think i picked up through trial and error.
Verushka: How would you describe your style of cooking ?
J Something:  A dude that cooks with a lot of love! cooking with love.
Verushka: We all have favourite dishes we love eating.Tell about 3 of your favourites (with reasons)
J Something:

  • Pizza – I don’t need to give a reason here.
  • Pasta – it just has so much room for improvisation. And it tastes really
  • And then lastly oxtail – its a hearty meal. its so soothing.

Verushka: In your opinion what are the 10 must have ingredients that every kitchen must have except a SMEG fridge 😉 ?
J Something: Olive oil, coarse sea salt, lemon juice, chilli, garlic, flour, milk, eggs, and parsley 🙂
Verushka: If I had to visit you for dinner what would you cook for me ?
J Something: Depends … maybe grilled salmon with some wasabi infused mash and some veggies … depends a lot on weather and the occasion.
Verushka: Which chefs local or international do you look to for inspiration ?
J Something: Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Chef Benny and my mom 🙂 (2 local and 2 international)
Verushka: Are you an adventorous chef and eater? What’s the weirdest thing you have eaten?
J Something: Something called retarted chicken in Zambia …
Verushka: Cooking is … (Fill in the blanks)
J Something: A getaway for me..033 032 031
Catch the show on Wednesdays at 7pm on Mzansi Magic and follow on Twitter @SomethingsCool_

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