I talk Social Media with Rich Simmonds


Verushka: Why is Social Media important to both businesses and individuals?

Rich: Social Media allows us to broaden our networks and open the possibilities of meeting people we could not have normally met.

Verushka: Which is favourite Social Media platform and why ?

Rich: Twitter – is fast, to the point and carries the relevant info in a newsworthy fashion.

Verushka: Tell us about your latest book?

Rich: Mug And Tweet – Social Communication in the Digital Age; provides the reader with the understanding of why humans communicate in the way they do, allowing you to be a more effective communicator and leader.

Verushka: Why did you write this book?

Rich: I am a RileBreaker and ChangeMaker – in Mug and Tweet I challenge the status quo, which allows you to understand the existing rules, break them and therefore implement change.

Verushka: Like all positives there must be some negatives in terms of social media.Please can you name a few?

Rich: The biggest negative or misconception is that the online world is virtual. We should never forget the reason we use social networking and that is to actually connect with real people. It’s the eyes, smiles and handshakes that you are after – that after all is the ultimate engagement, and social media is all about engagement.

Verushka: How can one increase their followers on Twitter?

Rich: Share the love, retweet and follow back those who are interesting and you will never know what connections you will gain in the process.

Verushka: Three top tips for a beginner on Twitter?

Rich: Listen, listen and listen some more so that you are able to give people what they are really looking for, this way you will find your relevance quickly and you will soon be interacting with those that were looking for you.

Verushka: What are the perks of Twitter?

Rich: The biggest perk is that Twitter is an open network, anyone can see what everyone is doing. If you not comfortable with that stick to Whatsapp and Facebook. Twitter is for the enlightened that know that they are not as important as others think they are.

Verushka: Where can we find your books?

Rich: My books are available at most leading bookstores – sometimes they are a little slow and you will need to ask, but they all have my books listed. If you would like to order them online the books are available as a Kindle download and from my website at

Rich:Verushka: Social Media is…

Rich: Here to stay … The ultimate builder of your Influence … Or as my friend Nikk Smit said it is ‘the Hellfire bullet in the sides of the corporate silos’ – just another saying I wish I had said.

Thank you Rich for chatting with me. Rich’s book will be available for free download on 16 July 2014. Be sure to check it out and getyour free copy here on Amazon

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