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My first encounter with Cherie came in Decemeber 2013 via my blog and a now friend who stumbled across my lil blog and my writing.I was given a book with a fantastic title Carpe Diem which I loved from the moment I set eyes on it.It took me awhile to get reading but then when I started I could not stop.Last year for my birthday I was gift a beautiful top with one of Cherie’s Poppy Artwork printed on it.So lets find out more about this very special lady and what exactly she does.
1) What is your core business?
I am primarily an artist and then a self-empowerment writer. In that order merely because the art came first in my life and was recently followed by the urge to write in 2010 when I wrote my first book ‘Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth’.
I then started my own website and blog in 2011 and now combine the art with the writing..
I am more focused, at the moment, on the art as I am developing a new and exciting style. I had some of my art featured on SABC’s Morning Live on the 14th February 2015 and have included one of the paintings that was shown which reflects my new style along with my trademark spiral background (it’s called ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’).
I’ve also recently moved to the Karoo (to a little town called Barrydale) where there is a fabulous artistic community, so I’m also shifting my art from being purely on the internet to being in physical galleries. I’m happy to say that the move has been a successful one and my art is going down well in the countryside.
I also take on commission work which I have included a picture of (picture of me with ‘White Arum Lilies’). This is the line of art I love to work in mostly because I usually get corporate commissions which involve larger canvases and I’m a sucker for painting big!
The writing hasn’t taken too much of a backseat though because I am still bringing out a weekly blog at my site and I have also just recently agreed to be a permanent contributing writer for Conscious Life News (or CLN), an American-based site offering the most diverse range of topical issues. So that keeps me on my toes as a writer as I have the Thursday morning slot every week.
2)The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique part?
My unique part is that I am myself when I write — the good, the bad and the ugly. I try not to conform when I’m writing to ‘Mary Poppins’ standards and I keep it real. This is how I am in the flesh and, I feel, my writing needs to reflect the same — my readers need to know I’m being authentic as everything I do I want to be based on truth and trust.
I also think my blogs are fairly unique as I combine my art with my writing for a more creatively expressive experience (I am even encouraged to do this on CLN and the editor often comments to his readers that the pictures I use are my own creations).
My art is inimitable because it is a reflection of life through my eyes and sole/soul experience. What gives my art the edge? It is a culmination of that experience: outlook, beauty, expansion, heart-searching and diversification.
I love to experiment with the abstract and to bring current issues to the forefront. I also love nature, so that reflects too. Most people recognize my style because of the gold spiral background patterns I use — which represent the energy of life that surrounds and permeates us every second of the day. These spirals still play a huge part in the new art style that is emerging from my studio as can be seen in ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’.
3)Why start your own business?
Why not? Who likes working for someone else? I sure don’t. I am creative by nature and no 9-5 job could ever give me the satisfaction I have now working for myself and creatively expressing myself in whatever way I choose. Nothing can beat that and I’ve never looked back. Life’s too short to play by other peoples rules.
4)What are the difficulties of running your own business?
Discipline and financial flow. You’ve got to keep a strict schedule going or you’re going to fall off the bandwagon and start watching soapies all day in your pj’s! I solve this by always keeping a diary and a vision board. This way I’m constantly aligning to my goals.
Financial flow is never constant, so that’s one thing you need to get used to when working for yourself. There’s no safe pay cheque at the end of the month. No work equals no pay, so you’ve got to be careful with your cash flow and save for a rainy day. You can do really well one month and then have a slight drizzle the next — it’s very unpredictable. But on the upside — I’ve never gone without. So again, it’s all about careful planning — whether it’s financial planning or establishing a routine.
5)In 5 years time where do you see your business?
I am working towards global domination but that might take in excess of 10 years to achieve (only joking). No, but seriously , if my business continues to grow as steadily as it has over the past 4 years along with my readership which has collectively just peaked 10 000, I would be as happy as Larry.
I want to touch people, get them thinking and feeling, with my art and I want to empower people with my writing — I’m not a martyr, make no mistake, but I am a sharer. That’s what got me writing in the first place — I wanted to share my experience of self-realization and if that helps just one person then my job is done.
So, in 5 years time, if I’m still fortunate enough to be doing this and growing, I’ll be pleased.
Cherie has been extremely generous and has given me the following to giveaway:
I have 1 signed paperback copy of my latest book ‘Carpe Diem or Bust — a Spiritual Guide to the Good Life’ to give away to a South African reader (postal address needed).
I also have 3 bumper packs of all 4 of my published works (my Art Portfolio book, Creative Expression —which is a little book of inspirational teachings and art — and then my two novels, ‘Divine You’ and ‘Carpe Diem or Bust’) as eBooks to give away which also includes 4 printable art cards using my poppy art (e-mail address needed).
For everyone else, I have a gift bundle I give away when you subscribe to my site, which includes my manifesto that can change your life called, ‘New Life Resolutions’. Just click this link:
Now isnt that just amazing !
So what do you need to do to win :
Tweet and follow the following : “I want Carpe Diem with @verushka143 and @cheriedirksen ”
Winners will be chosen by Cherie .Closing date will be the 24th April 2015 and winners will be notified shortly after this date.
Be Inspired !

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