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#LocalisLekker with @sugarandviceSA #WIN

Natalie Vice is the creative Cape Town based genuis who has designed this stunning range.All her designs are hand illustrated and then become digitial prints.For me it has to be the gorgeous Sugar Skul designs that catch my eye.”S&V is a place WHERE vintage meets nouveau, pretty meets practical and tattoos meet with teapots. Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship is WHY S&V is not only affordable but proudly South African products.The online store makes these products available globally.
SUGAR AND VICE manufactures and sells really cool and original home decor for the house-proud
1)What is your core business?
My core business is creating captivating illustrations and printing them on functional homeware products.
2)The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique part? Creating exquisitely unique yet affordable household trimmings and accessories with unique designs is what sets me and my business apart from the rest. The name of my business sums up what I offer. Sugar and Vice was initially inspired from my surname ‘Vice’. I really like the ying and yang element of two opposing elements positioned together like that of sweet and sour, kind and wicked etc. and that’s why I chose the sweet connotations of sugar to accompany the ‘Vice’. I am a firm believer that positive and negative forces attract and have made sure my product range offers that equal balance like my brand name. I feel that it’s the perfect fit to describe my designs and product range such as the Innocent Dear against the Daring Sugar Skull.
3)Why start your own business?
I love beautiful things – things that are beautifully made, beautiful to look at and ones that create beautiful memories and feelings when shared with loved ones. Growing up, I dreamed of the day when I would have the opportunity to make a home for myself to share with others. After school, I went globetrotting for a while before returning to study interior decorating, graphic design and completing a mini MBA. I got myself a job and after hardly any blood, a fair bit of sweat and lots of tears I eventually got my own place. In doing so, I inherited my grandmothers beautiful emboya couches and my great grandmother’s gorgeous dining room chairs and discovered modern vintage – the successful blend of old and new. My dream was becoming far more than just a reality and I embarked on a mission to create a home that would speak a thousand words. It quickly dawned on me that there was a huge gap in the market for exquisitely unique yet affordable household trimmings and accessories. In order to find something original and gorgeous – I scraped and saved enough to be able to buy good quality fabric from a local supplier which I then had printed, I drew tattoo like patterns and had them printed on my scatter cushions and the old inherited furniture was upholstered. I rolled up my sleeves even further and after a lot of very late nights, even earlier mornings and endless cups of coffee – Sugar and Vice was launched. S&V contains all the things I have in my home and all those that I would like to have and the journey has been electrifying. Starting my own business was the best decision I ever made as it allows me the creative freedom to create as I please. As like my home, S&V will never be complete but rather a work in progress. I am constantly busy with on-going projects at home and at S&V – upgrading ideas, redecorating rooms, redesigning motifs, creating new artworks and reworking old ones. Creativity, passion and attention to detail are the only things that go into my products. And being sourced and produced locally means no matter how deep my imagination goes, your wallet wont.
4)What are the difficulties of running your own business?
Finding the time to get everything done that you want to do and to have loads of patience.
5)In 5 years time where do you see your business?
I am always dreaming big and would like to open a physical shop and workshop and be able to continue sending little parcels of happiness all over the globe.
NOW fancy winning something beautiful.Natalie has generously gifted 2 beautiful coffee mugs for the awesome readers of my blog.

  1. This giveaway is open to South African citizens only.
  2. No spam enteries will be tolerated.
  3. To qualify the instructions must be followed.
  4. The giveaway runs from 26 June 2015 till the 3 July 2015.

In order to win you need to do the following :
Follow us  on Twitter / Instagram / like on Facebook and tweet: “WIN 2 x Coffee Mugs, perfect to get you through the chilly Winter @sugarandvicesa & @Verushka143 ”
sugar skull and tribal elephant espresso mugs
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