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#Review of Sasko Quick Treats

At the end of last year I recieved a few packets of Sasko premixes.I love cooking but am not too keen on baking.I was sent the Savoury Scone premixes.Premixes are awesome for a non baker like myself as very limited skills and ingredients are needed.The Sasko range has a variety of sweet and savoury premixes.
In my home the savoury muffin mix is a winner.But like always I love adding my own twists to the mix.
Some of the ingredients I have added :
1) creamed tin of sweetcorn
2) chopped onions
3)1 Tablespoon chilli paste
4)green/red peppers
5)chopped coriander
6)dried mixed herbs
7)sundried tomatoes
8) Paprika
I have often experimented with these different ingredients and everyone at home loves these muffins.They are perfect for packed lunches and brunches.I keep these premixes in the freezer and are perfect for unexpected guests.These premixes are fantastic too for baking with the kids.The premixes are available in all stores.Have you tried any premixes?
Be Inspired !
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