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Local Durban author Melissa Delport is making waves in the literary circles.I have had the pleasure of chatting to her several times.Last October before flying off to London Melissa gifted me a Kindle copy of The Legacy.Most people who know me know I prefer having a physical book BUT Melissa changed this and her book was the first ebook I have read.The book is very interesting and makes you instantly want to read more.I havent had the chance to finish the book yet but once I do a review will be blogged.Life of a writer is hardwork,I chatted to Melissa and found out more about her.
1)What is your core business? I am a full-time published author. I also do a lot of guest speaking and motivational talks at schools.
2)The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique part? What sets my books apart from other books in their genre, I believe, is the characterisation. I create characters that people can identify with, that they can root for, and travel alongside throughout the story.
3)Why start your own business?Well, I actually did start my own business, when I was 24. It was an international logistics business, and I owned it for ten years, along with my business partner. I sold out my shares to him when I was offered a publishing contract for The Legacy Trilogy, and made the decision to do what I love, and write full-time.
4)What are the difficulties of running your own business?Writing is very different to running a business. Now, more than ever, I have to exercise very strict discipline. I no longer have an office to go to, or a journey to travel to get to work, all of which creates the “business mind-set.” You arrive at the office and shift into corporate gear, so to speak. Not so for the stay-home writer! It is very hard to treat any creative field as though it were a normal 8-4 job. You cannot force creativity, but you cannot allow yourself to become idle either. I am fortunate in that I am quite prolific in my output, and I complete a manuscript approximately every six months, but I still find myself going days without writing. It is imperative that we stay focused, and keep pushing. A writer is, after all, only as good as her last book!
5)In 5 years time where do you see your business?I would like to be competing on an international platform. I want to be the “Charlize Theron” of the writing world – a South African author who makes the bestseller lists alongside the big names!
Melissa has kindly agreed to giveaway a Kindle copy of her latest book Rainfall.So in order to win this is what you need to do :
1) Follow @verushka143 and @melissadelport
2)Tweet the following “Hey @verushka143 I want to read @melissadelport #Rainfall #LocalisLekker”
3)Giveaway runs from today the 27 March 2015 till the 10 April.
Good Luck
Be Inspired !

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