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Mothers Day with a twist…….

A few weeks ago I recieved a lovely email from Megan Deane from ( inviting me to join her and a few other foodie bloggers in a Mothers Day lunch with a twist.Megan created this event last year as a tribute to her mum who is no longer with us.So what is the twist you ask???? Each of us invited was asked to bring along a dish or 2 that our mom’s had taught us to cook and share the recipe. This was such a lovely tribute created for a mother who is no longer with us but bringing people together and sharing their passion for food and their recipes.
The hardest part was deciding what to make, after a few days I decided on making my “famous ” Butter Paneer dish which I adapted from my mum’s version along with a savoury rice.A date was settled on and we all got cooking.I think besides the sharing food with friends we were all excited to see each other especially me as I havent seen some of the ladies in a very long time.
We all settled on the 2 May to meet in Megan’s beautiful home.I met up with Viveshni aka Madame Macaron ( and we travelled together.Last Decemeber 2 awesome companies Teapigs and Eyeslices had sent me some of their products, so I decided to put together a lil bag for each lady which also included some Indian sweets.The weather was perfect and Megan had setup the most delightful table in the warm winter sun with the cutest goodie baskets for each of us filled with veggies perfect gift for a foodie.The other bloggers invited were Shirley from , Nicola from runoncoffee blog and Inge from snapsizzleandcook.It was indeed such a pleasure to be included in this foodie event. On arrival it was all hugs and kisses before our gracious host had offered us drinks¬†and ¬†taken our prepared dishes off our hands.
We all sat around the table and munched our way through amazing starters prepared by Megan which included meatballs, yoghurt dip with extra garlic, potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon and Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon and them battered.There was silence as we all tucked into our starters which always means that people are too busy enjoying their food to be social.I love how it is an understood rule that pics must be taken of everything especially the food. And then it was time for the mains Viveshni had made a Lamb Breyani with all the trimmings, Nicola a veg lasange that was yum, Inge a dish of Cornonation Chicken how ironic as the Royal Baby was born later that day, Megan made a steak dish with onion gravy served with mash while I made the paneer and savoury rice.Megan will be sharing the recipes of all the food that was prepared on her blog so go check it out.After all the food pics were taken we we munched our way in the sunshine through this amazing feast.Tummies full we still had dessert to get through.Now on the way to Megan’s I was babysitting Viveshni’s chocolate cake and I was inhaling all chocolate yumminess and couldnt wait to eat it.Inge made a traditional Roly Poly which is a typical British school dessert served with fresh cream and drizzled with honey.Shirley made a layered cake of crepes and Nicola made us cookies from her Gran’s recipe.
To say we left Megan feeling stuffed was an understatement.Thank you Megan for hosting such a lovely day for us foodie bloggers.To all the ladies who attended it was lovely catching up and we got loads more to learn and share with each other.
durban food bloggers 1
the outdoor settingdurban food bloggers 2
butter paneerthis menu is awesome
lunch is served
madame macaron choc cake
roly poly
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