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#MeatFreeMonday Recipe – Stir Fry

In almost all traditional Hindu homes ,Monday is a day where no meat is eaten.It is a prayer day and the diet is made up of vegetables.So when the concept of #MeatFreeMondays was introduced it was welcomed as we already dont eat meat on Mondays.Frys has an awesome range of soya vegetarian products to make meal times interesting.As a family who abstains several times a week from no meat in our diet we always have a pile of Frys products in our freezer.I love their products as they are high in protein,low in fat and are very versatile.

Veg StirFry with noodles & strips


1 packet of noodles

1kg frozen stir fry mix

1 box Frys Chunky Chicken Strips

2Tablespoons Soy Sauce

4 Tablespoons oil

salt to taste

Marinade for strips

As soya  based products have no flavour as such,I always add a mixture of spuces to infuse flavour.A basic mix includes:

1) 1 tablespoon Ginger and garlic mix

2)1 tablespoon sugar

3)2 Tablespoons masala

4) 1 Tablespoon Tomato sauce

5)2 Tablespoons mayo (egg free type)

Mix this all up together and add to the sita strips.Leave for 2 hours or more for flavours to infuse.


1)In a hot pan/wok add half the oil and fry off the marinated Frys strips.Cooking time 15/20 min

2)While the strips are frying.In a saucepan add boiling water and cook off your noodles.I have used only 1 packet of noodles as we are trying to cut carbs.

3)Once strips are done,remove and place into a large casserole or pot with a lid.Drain noodles and add to strips.

4)Using the same pan used to fry off the strips add the remainder of the oil add the stir fry mix and allow to cook for 15min after 10min cooking time add Soy Sauce.Once cooked add to pot/casserole with the other cooked off ingredients.

5)Mix all ingredients together and there its easy peasy done.

These dish serves 6 people.More noodles can be added to extend this dish.

Bon Appetit
stirfry ingredients

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