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#TuesdayTruth 7 Rules for Life

FB_IMG_1435608921546They say Life doesnt come with a handbook of Rules,but every now and then nuggets of Wisdom pop up on my social media feeds.These nuggets of wisdom more than often leave me feeling better and going ahaa.Life would be so much easier if it did come with a handbook but then what lessons would we learn and and how boring would our lives be without all those dramas.
Yesterday this  list of 7 popped up on my feed with some very valuable wisdom.I have used these 7 and shared my views on them:
1)Making peace with your past is a way of letting go and accepting what happened.When we hold onto the past ,we stop the future from happening.We all have a past but let it not define who we are and where we are heading.
2) Not everyone will be your friend and like you so get over it.Some will be inspired some will hate you.Either way dont worry focus on doing what you do and carry on living.
3)Time doesnt make everything better.Time allows us to cope with things and learn to live again.Rome was not built in a day.
4)You are incharge of you and your happiness.Dont pin your happiness on others or expect others to do things to make you happy.Happiness in your life can only happen with you making your self happy.Find the little things that make you happy and aim to do one thing that makes you happy every day.
5)No ones life is perfect lead your own life.Each of us is on our own journeys on the outside everything may seem perfect but the mirror has two faces.Dont judge others as we dont know everything about them or their journey.
6)Overthinking causes stress.We think about things we cannot change and the stress leads to so many health conditions.The answers of life come to us when we least expect it.For me personally my ideas and answers generally come to me when I am in the shower.
7)Smile more it makes the world a better place.And you never know who is actually falling in love with that smile.A smile is contagious and can actually change the way someone responds to you.
The list of 7 nuggets of wisdom is defo something that should be found in a handbook of life.I hope you add these nuggets to your Life book and start doing these.Hope the week has been kind to you.
Be Inspired !

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