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Transform your blog in 7 days #Review

About two years ago, I “met” Imka Webb (Bester) on Twitter.Like me Imka is a blogger.We got to know each other over time especially during the #BandwagonBox time.I even wrote a guest blog post on her blog.So a few weeks ago when Imka spoke online about her “Secret Project”, I was pretty keen to know what it was.
Imka Webb
In due course all was revealed and it was a fantastic surprise.The blogging world is very competitive and no one really wants to reveal their secrets to success for free.I guess that is the same with most areas.Imka has created an amazing ebook which is called “Transform your blog in 7 days”.Now besides all the easy to understand information and tips that Imka has shared, is the price of the ebook and it is …..FREE yes you heard me right the first time.
transform your blog in 7 days - ebook
Often online we come across amazing posts on how to improve your blog and great books to download and buy.But sadly most of these are by bloggerd or writers from around the world.So the fact that Imka a local South African blogger has come up with a great ebook and it is free we need to defo say that #LocalisLekker and we should support Imka.
I downloaded the ebook and printed it out.Yes I know I should not do that but I need pen and paper when I am working.Mind you I did print it back to back to save paper.Last weekend I decided to start having a look at what I needed to do to improve my blog.
A blogger's life
The first thing I tackled was my About Me page.I did have a page done but was not too sure of my next step.I emailed Imka asking her for help and direction.She guided me with some prompts and suggestions to work on my blog.I worked on the prompts and was very happy with the end product.Check it out.
I will be working on my blog using Imka’s ebook for guidance.And I will be emailing her if I do get stuck.Do your self a favour and go to her blog and download the ebook.You will thank me later 😉
Find Imka here :
Twitter : @imkawebb
Blog :
Be Inspired !

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