Wedding Rituals – Nelengu in #SeeMauritius

In an Indian wedding there are several rituals and prayers that need to happen leading up to the wedding.These involve lots of family gatherings and fun with awesome food.
The nelengu which a pre wedding cleansing ritual takes place either the night before the religious wedding ceremoney or early morning on the day of the wedding.In our Telegu culture the bride to be is brought to the groom’s home where this ritual takes place.
My brother opted for the early morning ritual as he wanted to party the night before.We had to carry lots of the items for the ritual with us to Mauritius.At 6am on the 25March we all gathered outside my mum and gran’s ground floor room for this ritual.We all dressed up in Indian traditional clothing.My brother had to wear a white shorts and tshirt while his bride Levina¬†donned a yellow sari.
In the balcony with the beach infront of us we set up a lil stage.The awesome staff at Indian traditional clothing even arranged the traditional banana trees needed for the ritual.My aunt the creative genuis carried with her Rangoli stencils and did some patterns with coloured rice flower.I decorated the area with tea light candles and local fresh flowers.
It was rather emotional doing this ritual as we all missed my dad.So a mixture of tumeric and oils where applied to both the bride and groom and prayers offered for their new life journey.My mum and gran were not permitted to this as they both are widows.I found this rather sad having them both not partake in this wedding ritual.All married and single women are allowed to apply the paste onto the bridal couple.After each lady finishes she is given a giften be it sweets or a token to say thank you.The guys didnt want to be left out and joined in the ceremony.
Even though it was so early in the morning there were several onlookers all keen to have a look at the Indian wedding taking place.My brother the King of Drama decided he needed a swim in the ocean before going to his room to shower.After the rituals the bridal couple were sent to their own rooms to shower , rest and prepare themeselves for the biggest day of their lives.The amazing staff at the hotel even prepared breakfast for them.
The rest of the family went for breakfast and then to the salon and spa for getting their hair done for the wedding which was taking place later that afternoon.While we all were relaxing and getting ready the hotel staff and all the service providers were busy getting the venue ready for the traditional Indian wedding ceremony and the reception later that evening.
Keep an eye our for more on the wedding and what else we got up to in Mauritius.
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