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Even if you know me well, you don’t know this…

While scrolling through my Twitter TL I saw this tweet about writing 1 blog post a day for 60min. I love blog challenges so thought it would be great to see if I could do this…A lil more about this challenge:
REMEMBER THE GOAL: The goal is to help each other to develop a rhythm of writing, improve on the general quality of your writing and… just write.
Please also read the submissions of other bloggers and leave comments on the writing. Be nice.

Basic rules:
Use the topic as a starting point, not as a title. Your title can be anything you like.

  1. It’s a blog post, not an essay or a short story. So don’t worry too much about intro, body, conclusion. Just write. You’ll find tips for writing blog posts online.
  2. IMPORTANT TIP: If you think you need more time to improve it, stop. You don’t. Just “ship it.”
  3. Use whatever writing style you favour (funny, serious, emotive) or a mix of these.
  4. Try to read and comment on at least one other person’s blog post every day of the challenge. Ideally, read more and comment more. That’s the whole point.
  5. Set yourself a reminder each evening/morning, to check the topic posted at 6pm SA time (see @Writersbootcmp on Twitter) and book in 30-60 minutes that day to write.

So after reading more I thought let’s do this and here goes.
The first topic is rather interesting so here goes…

  1. I am afraid of walking down stairs. Its the fear of falling and not being in control.
  2. I have deregistered from doing my Masters degree in Food and Nutrition.
  3. I get very emotional these days and tend to cry very easily.
  4. Once upon a time I hated the colour pink.
  5. I have been single since 2010. Waiting for the real Prince Charming.
  6. I dislike fruit in savoury dishes.(Pineapple on pizza)
  7. I don’t like public speaking though I lecture every day.
  8. I have many aquaintances but a small number of people in my life called friends.
  9. I am a total bargain hunter and refuse to buy full priced items.
  10. I am afraid of losing my loved ones ever since my dad and cousin died.

Hope you have learnt a bit more about me.
Don’t forget to follow  @Writersbootcmp to be apart of this proudly South African initative..


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