Lessons or Blessings of Life #TuesdayTruth

Nothing in life is certain but our death.Last week we lost an elder in our family.At his funeral there were several speakers paying tribute to a man who wasn’t a millionaire but was so rich in his heart and touched so many souls.
So over the weekend in reflecting on the events of the past week I found this saved in my phone’s memory.Life is too short not to enjoy every moment that we are given and be happy.
I rather lead a life knowing I have taken the chance than never knowing.I have fallen in love , had my heart broken BUT all those who in my life who have hurt me I thank them.For those who know me know for the past few months my mantra has been that everything in life falls into the category of a lesson or a blessing.I am so glad of all the lessons and blessings my life has taught me.Life shows you why everything happens and I firmly believe in this.
So my #TuesdayTruth to you is be grateful for all the lessons and blessings in your life.Live life fully enjoying every moment , love regardless , give your best and just be happy.
Have an amazing week ahead

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