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#HeartMindMoney with @VangileMakwakwa #LocalisLekker

Cover 2 photoI am sure most of you who follow me on Twitter have seen me tweet Vangile Makwakwa using the hashtag #HeartMindMoney.So I decided it was time to share more about this amazing lady and what it is all about.I came across Vangile through a mutual friend Jodene Shaer online and through some online investigation I discovered more about her and her book #HeartMindMoney.A few weeks ago,I recieved an eemail asking if I would be interested and the YES girl inside me jumped immediately at this opportunity.Since then I have started reading the book and working on some of the tasks.We all different views on money or lack of money, but on this journey I am learning more about my emotions, my past and my future.I decided to interview Vangile and give my readers a peek of what it is all about.
1) What is your core business?
I offer advice to 21-35 year olds struggling financially by sharing my own success for getting out of debt and starting an investment portfolio. I developed 12 Keys to Wealthy Money with specific exercises to change the way you think and behave regarding money. I share what helps me make better financial decisions without fear and anxiety, how to create multiple streams of income, and explore various savings, investment vehicles and emotional healing modalities that have personally worked for me.
2) The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique offering?
I offer a holistic approach to creating wealth.
I acknowledge that money is an emotional and spiritual topic. So even though I offer a lot of practical advice, I also explore all the emotional and spiritual stuff that goes with money.
3)Why start your own business?
Why not?
Financially it’s a great way to create extra streams of income and eventually become financially independent. Most people say that a business is risky but I see a job as way more risky because you’re relying on someone else for your livelihood and your career growth. For you to get to the top, you have to wait for them to acknowledge you, which is risky because that means playing by their rules and fitting into the culture. What if you’re a misfit like me?
And there’s also the emotional reasons – being an entrepreneur forces you to grow big time! I’m constantly challenging myself and my world view. Half the time I set goals I think are impossible but that I need to achieve to get to the next level and that means digging deep to overcome that fear, which has made me so much stronger and confident than I ever thought possible.
4) What are the difficulties of running your own business?
Knowing that it’s all on you and having to prioritize tasks that help bring in money and tie into the strategy.
It’s a skill I had to learn. Cause even though something is kickass awesome, I can’t always pursue it, unless it’s tied into the long term strategy. This has helped me focus my attention and is teaching me how important clarity is. I’ve learned to set goals for the year and minimize my to do list so it doesn’t overwhelm me.
The other difficulty for me has been managing my emotions.
Most times I want to scream and cry like a baby when things don’t go my way or I don’t see instant results. But I’ve learned quite fast that if I want to get things done I have to manage my emotions because the minute I have a meltdown, it impacts everyone I work with and the focus isn’t on the work but the meltdown and fixing that before moving on.
So I guess the difficulty is acting in a mature manner. Sigh*
5) In 5 years time where do you see your business?
I see Wealthy Money, servicing thousands of students internationally through online courses that are just focused on personal finance.
I see a co-partnering between Wealthy Money and other course providers.
I see the company hosting retreats in the Caribbean and other East Asian Islands as we help people break through financially.
Last week saw the launch of ‪#‎WealthyMoney TV, which is a personal finance/ emotional intelligence talk show where Vangile interviews a bunch of experts to help us all understand how to create wealth.In this week’s show she talks to Chenine Gouws, a financial adviser about saving for retirement.
Vangile has kindly agreed to give a copy of her book of amazing book Heart,Mind and Money.In order to win you need to follow me @verushka143 and @VangileMakwakwa and tweet the following “I want be apart of #HeartMindMoney with @verushka143 and @VangileMakwakwa.”
The giveaway will run from today 14 March 2015 till the 28 March 2015 winner will be announced there after.You can tweet as many times as you would like to 🙂
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