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Open Letter to my 21 year old self

Dearest Verushka ,
Spice Goddess Open Letter
I write this letter to you from your future self days before your Birthday in 2016.
Congrats on officially been called a legal adult. The popular saying that life gets better is no lie there are amazing days ahead trust me on this one. But I have some pearls of wisdom to share with you for the years that lie ahead. Some you may not understand right now BUT trust me  !
Next year, you will be heading off on amazing adventure that will change your life forever. Be open to the journey ahead ,enjoy each moment and live in the now. There will be lots of tears but it will get better in time.
Romance right now , I know that you are all loved up and wont believe anything that anyone tells you. Sunshine focus on the bigger picture and let that loser go. It will hurt but you will be setting your soul free for the journey ahead.
I wish someone had told me all this ages ago so today I am preparing you for the life that awaits you.
Ten  Pearls for you :

  1. Take chances
  2. Start a blog !
  3. Travel as much as you can.
  4. Be open to new experiences and opportunities.
  5. Let it GO…. and life indeed does go on.
  6. Be a nice Human.
  7. Enjoy every single moment of every day.
  8. A grateful heart is a magnetic for miracles.
  9. Focus on you and your needs and wants.
  10. You deserve the BEST.

Some of these pearls of wisdom make no sense to you right now. But in time all will make total sense. Mum was not keen on you becoming a journalist but in time you will be writing. Investigate what is a blog and start sharing your world with the world.
Learn that everything in life happens for a reason be grateful for all the lessons and blessings. Sometimes we need to let go so that we can experience all the things that are meant for us.  Take chances you only live once ! Life is too short for what ifs.
The journey ahead of you is amazing and you will experience things beyond your wildest expectations. Go with the FLOW. I want to tell you so much more …..BUT I also want you to discover it all. The best years are yet to come and I am so excited for you.
Beautiful Girl ! Just go for it.I wish you lots of love,happiness,adventures and memories to last a lifetime. Be positive , be grateful and trust your journey ahead.
Hugs & Kisses
Love Always
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