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#SpiceGoddess Talks Music

Music from as back in time has been a way to express one’s feelings be it happy or sad. Music has been said to bring one to tears. We associate certain moments in time to a specific song be it sad or happy and every time we hear that song we are transported back in time to that moment.
The Theme on this week is based on Music. I rather like the Friday prompts with  the questions. Always a good way to learn more about someone.
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Here goes :

  1. Top 3 Artists :

John Legend , hard not to fall in love with that voice and those Lyrics.
Atif Aslam ,a Bollywood song maestro whose voice is often used as part of the soundtrack to many Bollywood movies.
Adele this British songtress never fails to amaze me with her beautiful ballads.
2. Last song I listened to :
I rarely listen to the radio unless I am in the car. The last played song on my playlist is “Let you know “. This is a track by local Durban artists Sketchy Bongo and Shekhinah. The track is rather catchy and kinda lingers on as you find yourself singing the chorus.
3. First Concert :
Clearly recall this I was at University and our group of friends bought tickets to go to a concert that featured many great artists of the 90’s including Randy Crawford and Kool and The Gang. Most memorable part was when Randy Crawford sang Rainy night in Georgia and changed it to Durban as it was raining.
4. Soundtrack to my life :
I guess different stages in life have different songs attached to it. But my song which is also my ringtone would be Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia. Fell in love with this track when it was on the soundtrack of Pitch Perfect.
5. Can I sing ?
Well I like to think I can but I only sing in the shower.
6. Favourite Musical :
Defo Mamma Mia for its amazing soundtrack and storyline. Makes you want to just sing out aloud.
7 . Favourite Musical instrument :
The saxophone my late Uncle was a member of a band and he played the saxophone. It is such a beautiful and romantic intrument.Kenny G another famous artist from the 90’s had a selection of very popular tracks that he played on his saxophone.
On my bucket list someday is for me to learn to play the Guitar. Got this notion in my head of sitting around a campfire strumming my guitar and singing.

Quick Fire

  1. Rock or Pop – Pop
  2. Musical  or concert – Concerts
  3. Earphones or speakers – earphones
  4. Music while I work or silence – Music I work better.
  5. 1 Direction or Justin Bieber – Tough one as I used to like 1D before their band members left rather catchy tunes BUT so in love with the new Justin Bieber tracks.
  6. Sing or Dance – let’s do both.
  7. Instruments or lyrics – depends on my mood. Lyrics often tell what the heart thinks.

8. Prince or Micheal Jackson – Micheal Jackson such a talented icon. His amazing songs will live on.
Share with me your favourite song at the moment in the comments. I would love to know.
Be Inspired !
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