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My 1st Media Trip

In the 2nd week of September 2014 , while on my way to work I received an email that left me gobsmacked.The email was from the lovely team who are the PR company for Lenovo.Back tracking Lenovo kindly sponsored the #DBNbloggermeet ladies with laptop bags and gave away not 1 but 2 Yoga Tablets on the day.So ever since that I have formed an excellent bond with the brand and team.
Going back to this email, it contained an invite to the Lenovo Product Launch on 10 October 2014 in my beloved London.All my readers and followers know my addiction to this city which was my home.My instant response was YES and then the whole WHOOP WHOOP!Mum thought I was going crazy but understood why.I couldn’t tell anyone till the paperwork and visa was in hand.
I waited patiently getting all the necessary and within 3 days all was sorted and I started planning and getting ready for London Town.My excitement was twofold firstly the Lenovo product launch and secondly returning to London even for only a few days.
The gadget geek girl within me start surfacing and I kept watching my Twitter feed for any clues from Lenovo.I did guess that it would be a Laptop and a Tablet.BUT I didn’t even think about the wow features.
Every blogger dreams on being invited along on Press/Media trips.And often I did think out aloud and say “I wish it was me”.A huge heartfelt Thank You to the Lenovo team for inviting me and giving me such an amazing trip as my 1st.
On my trip , I learnt a lot about myself and my future plans.Thank you Lenovo for empowering my dreams , “For those who do”
Watch this space for more posts on my time in London with Lenovo 🙂

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