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Baked Potato Gnocchi #Recipe

A few weeks ago while in conversation with my aunt in London the topic of Potato Gnocchi came up.Random I know but hey we are a foodie family.My aunt said how she uses fresh store bought Potato Gnoochi as dumplings in an Indian Lentil based soup dish.
My mum always keen to try out new products and methods added Potato Gnoochi to our grocery list.We found this product at Woolworths but in the dried variety.Mum cooked the Lentil dish with the Potato Gnoochi as dumplings and it was divine.So thats when inspiration struck and I decided to create my own dish.
going on here are some Gnoochi facts :
1)Originated in Italy.
2)A version of a dumpling.
3)Can be made with Semolina or Potato.
4)Can be eaten on its own tossed with Pesto or added to a Stew.
5)Used as a starter.
Baked Potato Gnoochi
1packet of store bought Potato Gnooci
2 onions
1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
400g frozen mixed vegetables
3 Tablespoon oil
salt to taste
2 teaspoons mixed herbs
1 Tablespoon Masala
300g grated cheese
1 teaspoon sugar.
1) In a pot of boiling hot water add the Gnoochi and cook for 4 minutes on a high heat.Drain and add to baking dish.
2)In a frying pan add 1 Tablespoon oil, fry onions till golden the add frozen mix veg .Season and cook for ten minutes.Once cooked spoon over cooked Gnoochi in baking dish.
3)In the same frying pan add remainder of oil ,fry onions ,add spices and tin of tomato and cook off.Season and add sugar.
4)Grate cheese
5)Mix the tomato sauce in the Gnoochi and vegetable mix.Mix well.Sprinkle grated cheese over.
6)Bake for 15minutes and serve with a Toss salad.
Bon Appetite

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