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Mother's Day Reflections

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in South Africa. The stores were filled with all shades of Pink and it was all very visible and you could not forget this day. As I grow older, my thoughts and ideas about the world change. I do not want to be told when I should celebrate something. I like to go against the…

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Be a Tourist in your City

With the current Rand/Dollar/Pound/Euro exchange rates , travelling overseas is not possible for many. But everyone dreams of one day travelling overseas and discovering the Travel Bug. My solution is why not become a Tourist in your own City.   A Tourist in your own City means : Discovering the hidden local gems and it would not cost you too…

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The Secret to Success

We each define success differently. To some it is a million dollar bank balance ,owning a sports car or even getting married.   When I look back at my life I sometimes cringe when I think of the choices I made and the idea I had in my head of what life should be like. While at University , success meant…

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10 easy steps to beat Monday Blues

Mondays seem to always get a bad reputation. Just mentioning the M word on a Sunday is considered a big no no. Today been a Public/ Bank Holiday makes Monday a lil bit easier to deal with but still those Monday Blues seem to be appearing. For me personally the last few weeks have been rather hectic and I wrote…

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Que Pasa May ?

Pinch ,punch it is the first of another beautiful month. It seems like April literally flew by. But I guess it is true what they say time flies when you are having fun and May literally just appeared. April was a rather busy month with loads happening. And that is besides the fact that it was my Birthday Month.The SpiceGoddess…

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