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10 Reasons why you need to drink Coconut Water

When one thinks of Coconut Water instantly images of tropical islands with swayìng Palm Trees come to mind. Coconut and Coconut Water are a common feature in an Indian home and are often used in rituals. As a child recall fighting with my brother after a prayer to get a sip of this delicious nectar. Then I forgot about Coconut…

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Foodie Talks with the SpiceGoddess

So let’s be real Food makes up a big part of our lives. From the good to bad choices we make some for health reasons and others for guilty pleasures.   As a keen foodie , I have grown up in an Indian home where food is a big thing. No family gathering big or small is complete with a…

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Secrets of the Spices from Kerala

It is no coincidence that Kerala is known as the Spice Capital of the World. The perfect climate and soil is home to various exotic spices. God’s Own Country has a varied history of inhabitants from the Dutch to the British and the Arabs. The aroma of the Spices of Kerala seem to have drawn the rest of the world…

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HP 360 Touch Review

In December the lovely folks from the Intel team sent me a lovely gadget to review and in the festive spirit, I got to keep this gorgeous new addition to my tech range. I was sent one of their new 2 in 1 Laptop devices , the HP 360 Touch in a bright cherry red. Instantly I fell in love…

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Shopping for FREE APPS

The month after the festive season is one where we are rather conscious of our bank balances. I like every other woman loves shopping and getting a good bargain makes it even sweeter. My last mobile phone served me well but I always felt something was missing. This device was limited in the options of Apps I could download.  Last…

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Let's Thai Abu Dhabi

My own experience of eating Thai Food has only been from a franchise type eatery in South Africa and a few places while in London. Thai Food is known for its fresh ingredients , coconut milk and subtle flavours. Nothing of what I had eaten previously could prepare me or my taste buds for this explosion of flavour. Sontaya is…

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The Case of the Meraki Ring

I love wearing jewels be it neck pieces or bangles. I do not feel dressed without some jewellery on. But for some reason I do not own many rings or for that matter wear those I have. All that changed just before my trip to Abu Dhabi when I was sent a Meraki Ring from Packaged in a gorgeous…

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Yardley London introduces #bondstreetforher

A few weeks ago , I recieved a gorgeous Blogger Drop from the Yardley London PR team. Most people who know me know of my Love Affair with London and how I love all things from London. On opening the box a gorgeous Black Box was revealed and the hashtag #bondstreetforher. Having lived in London for several years , I…

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